One week without meat, are you in?

From 6 to 12 March 2023, the Week Without Meat will take place for the sixth time. This national initiative calls on all Dutch people not to eat meat during this week. Read more about this week and how we are participating by serving a completely vegetarian menu on the last day of the week. The perfect way to celebrate one week without meat.

Do the people, animals and climate a favour

A lot has changed over the years, with more and more Dutch people eating vegetarian or vegan more often or completely. Thus results in a positive impact on people, animals and the climate. By not consuming meat during National Week Without Meat, you reduce the environmental impact of your diet. According to the Week Without Meat, you will save up to 193 litres of water and 80 kilometres of driving if you, as an adult, do not eat meat and dairy during this week!

Veggies taking the lead role

At Nieges we are also convinced that it is not necessary to eat meat every day. We therefore always make sure we have vegetarian dishes on the menu that are far from inferior to our meat and fish dishes. For instance, have you tried our fried mushrooms with an egg yolk? Then you’ll probably agree with us! Leaving out meat is not so difficult with such delicious vegetarian dishes on the menu.

Vegetarian Sunday

Would you like to celebrate one week without meat as well? Then come and enjoy our special vegetarian menu on Sunday 12 March. On this day, you can try our vegetarian version of the beef wellington, the beet wellington, among other things. How about the chou farci with fenugreek sauce or the quiche with herb salad? Enough options on the menu. Make your reservation here and we will be happy to see you this Sunday!

Have a delicious 4-course Christmas menu at Nieges

Are you looking forward to Christmas? It is just around the corner! At Nieges we are definitely excited and therefore we have composed a delicious 4-course Christmas menu. Please have a look at the menu here.

The Christmas menu for vegetarians

We will kick off the evening with an amuse consisting of gougère with ‘boeren Goudse’ cheese. In French cuisine, a gougere is a fried savoury choux pastry mixed with cheese. After the amuse, you can choose between a tasty beetroot salad with herb cheese as a starter. As an intermediate course, we serve you a tasty Jerusalem artichoke soup with brioche croutons and Jerusalem artichoke chips. On to the main course! Fried salsify with chicory, mustard seed and egg yolk sauce. Simply delicious. As icing on the cake, for dessert you can choose between a gateau chaud with vanilla ice cream or cheeses from Kef with quince and sultana bread.

The Christmas menu for fish- and meatlovers

For the non-vegetarian guests, the evening also starts with a delicious amuse of gougère with ‘boeren Goudse’ cheese. Then, as a starter, we serve a brandade: a puree made of fish, olive oil and potatoes, among other ingredients. At Nieges, we serve our brandade with grilled octopus and sauce vert. After the starter, it’s time for a Jerusalem artichoke soup with brioche croutons and Jerusalem artichoke chips. As a main course, you can enjoy a beef succade with chestnut cream, red cabbage and bay leaf gravy. You can also choose to order a rib-eye (300g) with your dinner company instead of the beef succade. Served with fries, red cabbage, roasted pumpkin and bearnaise sauce, this is another finger-licking dish. You can end your dinner right by ordering a gateau chaud with vanilla ice cream or ‘cheeses from Kef’ with quince and sultana bread.

Of course we have many wines that are rich in flavour to compliment your dinner. If you are in need of some wine advice, you can of course ask our staff.

Are you coming by to enjoy this delicious 4-course Christmas menu? Book your table and we hope to see you soon!

Our new menu is full of finger licking dishes

Autumn has arrived, and that naturally calls for a new menu. We carefully considered which new dishes should be added to the menu and, even if we do say so ourselves, the result is impressive!

Start your evening with fried mushrooms with soft yolk, mushroom sauce and sourdough bread. Or how about a delicious Jerusalem artichoke soup with crème crue, crispy Jerusalem artichokes and croutons? 

Then go for a delicious autumnal main course: the deer succade with chestnut purée and gravy of puffed shallots. Or the chou farce with mushroom farce, celeriac cream and fenugreek beurre blanc… 

Oh and good news for mussel lovers: after the successes of the past Mossel Sundays, the mussels from Zeeland have been given a permanent spot on our menu! Because autumn is actually a perfect mussel month.

Classic desserts such as the gateau chaud, crème caramel and cheeses from Kef can still be found among our desserts, but you can also try one of our new desserts. Go for stuffed puffs with pecan nuts and extra dark chocolate sauce… Or would you rather go for the baba au rum with soaked apricots and orange ice cream?

We would be happy to welcome you to try our new menu sometime soon!

Our chef Mike is one in a million

Fifteen years ago, you could see him playing baseball at a high level, but after an injury he had to choose another path in life. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise as he developed a passion for cooking. He gained a lot of experience at restaurant Frenchie in Haarlem and Buitenplaats Plantage in Vogelenzang. 

In his spare time, Mike can be found in his vegetable garden in Heemstede. He regularly takes the train to pick his own fresh vegetables and fruit. He also occasionally takes some herbs with him to use in our kitchen. Mike prefers to make everything himself, so also at Nieges. This month his pride and joy is the home-made fennel paté, in which the pickles are also fermented by the kitchen itself. 

For dessert he recommends the pêche melba, a French dessert with white peaches poached in sugar water. Served with vanilla ice cream and raspberries, this is sure to be a hit. Mike also recommends the crème caramel, a dessert that reminds him of the holidays at his grandmother’s house. 

Mike loves the cosy atmosphere at Nieges, praises the kitchen team and enjoys learning about classic French cuisine.  

We like to say it ourselves this time: compliments to our chef!

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From our own kitchen with local ingredients

At Nieges we try to make as much as possible ourselves. For example, you can opt for a homemade lamb sausage during dinner. We also have an ever-changing paté from which our kitchen is always trying new flavors and our Janneke makes all the patisserie from scratch (I would certainly also ask for the cake of the day!) We also try cooking with local products and seasonal ingredients as much as possible. Now, for example, we have a delicious rhubarb compote with crumble on the menu, which is of course completely in season! Will you come by to try it for yourself sometime soon? We look forward to welcoming you.

Terrace season has started!

Dream away while looking out over the IJ… We have enough places on our beautiful terrace to welcome everyone. From a nice, cozy lunch for two to large groups for drinks. Visit us spontaneously for a table on our sun-drenched terrace, but if you want to be sure of your spot, you can also book your table outside here. Would you like to come and have lunch, dinner or drinks with a large group? Then fill in the form here.