Cheese fondue


Cheese fondue

Spring is getting closer, but with the cold temperatures it is still the perfect time for cheese fondue at Nieges! On Saturday 18 March, we will melt the cheeses and serve steaming pans of cheese fondue besides our regular menu. Served with bread, baby potatoes, and vegetables of course. A delicious glass of wine to accompany the cheese fondue makes the meal complete! Check the menu here.

A short history lesson

Even though the Netherlands is a land of cheese, cheese fondue was invented somewhere else. Where and who first ate a cheese fondue is still unclear, but the first known recipe dates from 1768 and comes from France. The name cheese fondue also comes from the French fondre (melting). The variant that appears on many tables today is a reinvention from Switzerland. Since Switzerland has many types of cheeses and wines, many variations of cheese fondue exist. It was only in the 1960s that cheese fondue was introduced to our country, and since then the Dutch have also been hooked. With the cold weather, what could be better than enjoying a pan of cheese fondue together?

Our fondue

At Nieges, we make our cheese fondue with Comté, Emmentaler and Gruyère cheeses. A mix of delicious French and Swiss cheeses. You can also choose for a truffle fondue… Trust us, it will be delicious! We serve the fondue with fresh baguettes, baby potatoes, cucumber, tomatoes, bell peppers, carrots, chicory, pickles and silverskin onions on the side. You can also order a plate of charcuterie to go with it, filled with tasty Coppa di Parma, Lardo di Colonnata, Chorizo and Schwarzwälder schinken. Are you more of a fish lover? We can also serve smoked salmon, picked mussels and halibut on the side.


The ‘nature’ cheese fondue costs 19.50 euro per person, the truffle cheese fondue costs 22.50 euro per person. This includes the baguette, cooked potatoes and vegetables.

Don’t forget to make your reservation

So mark Saturday 18 March in your diary and bring your friends and/or family to enjoy your Sunday with cheese fondue at Nieges. If your date, friend or family member is not fond of cheese fondue that is not a problem. Our regular menu dishes will also be available. Book your table here. See you soon!