Italian Sunday


Italian Sunday

Attention all lovers of Italian food! On Sunday the 29th of January we leave France for a day and serve delicious dishes based on Italian cuisine all afternoon. The menu for the day will consist of antipasti, primi, secondi and of course dulce to finish with. So four dishes to enjoy!


For the antipasti, you can choose, for example, bruschetta with tomato and basil. A true Italian classic. We will also be baking so you can taste our homemade focaccia bread! Served with stracciatella, anchovies and olive oil. Hmmm… Or will you go for the capacolla with pickled peppers?


A primi is short for il primo piatto, the first dish. Although in the Netherlands we often eat pasta as a main course, the Italians do it differently. Pasta as the first course it is! You can choose from gnocchi with sage butter, rigatoni with fennel sausage and peccorino or pasta vongole with lemon and parsley. All equally delicious!


On to the main course. There is a meat, fish and vegetarian option. These options include a delicious tagliata di Manzo, cod with cannelini beans, celery and sage or melanzane alla parmigiani.


An Italian meal is not complete without something sweet. If you need a pick-me-up, order an ‘affogato’. This involves pouring a scoop of vanilla ice cream into a cup with hot espresso. Fun fact: affogare means drowning in Italian (after all, the scoop of ice cream more or less drowns in the espresso). The pine nut caramel cake with vanilla ice cream and the tiramisu are also delicious. More in the mood for something savoury? Then you can also order Italian cheeses for dessert.

Check the menu here!

Gather your friends and family and book your table now, so you won’t miss out on this delicious Italian Sunday!

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