Sole Fish Sunday


Sole Fish Sunday

A deliciously soft and juicy fish prepared with brown butter, capers, shallot and parsley… Served with tartar sauce, fries and cabbage lettuce. Is your mouth already watering? On Sunday the 18th of December, it’s time for Sole Sunday: our kitchen will be serving fresh sole fish all day.

Sole or sliptong

The common sole is a species of marine flatfish widely found around the coasts of Europe. It belongs to the ‘Soleidae’ family. Soles can also be found in our North Sea. In Dutch, the word for sole is ‘sliptong’. The word ‘slip’ comes from the verb ‘to slip’. This is because the fish tends to slip through the net!

Not only healthy, but also tasty

A dream combination, of course. Sole is a true delicacy, but it is also very healthy, thanks to the omega 3 in the fish. These omega 3 fatty acids are important for our heart, blood vessels and eyes, among other things. Soles are available all year round, but they are at their tastiest between the months of June and January. So perfect timing to enjoy them during Sole Sunday!

The menu for this feast 

On 18 December, we serve the sole by pairs, prepared with brown butter, capers, shallot and parsley. And with a delicious tartar sauce, our famous French fries and cabbage lettuce on the side. If you fancy more, you can also order potato cream with chives or glazed Brussels sprouts with bacon and breadcrumbs. Both also very tasty!

Don’t forget to make a reservation. We look forward to seeing you then!

What time?
12:00 am