One week without meat, are you in?

One week without meat, are you in?

From 6 to 12 March 2023, the Week Without Meat will take place for the sixth time. This national initiative calls on all Dutch people not to eat meat during this week. Read more about this week and how we are participating by serving a completely vegetarian menu on the last day of the week. The perfect way to celebrate one week without meat.

Do the people, animals and climate a favour

A lot has changed over the years, with more and more Dutch people eating vegetarian or vegan more often or completely. Thus results in a positive impact on people, animals and the climate. By not consuming meat during National Week Without Meat, you reduce the environmental impact of your diet. According to the Week Without Meat, you will save up to 193 litres of water and 80 kilometres of driving if you, as an adult, do not eat meat and dairy during this week!

Veggies taking the lead role

At Nieges we are also convinced that it is not necessary to eat meat every day. We therefore always make sure we have vegetarian dishes on the menu that are far from inferior to our meat and fish dishes. For instance, have you tried our fried mushrooms with an egg yolk? Then you’ll probably agree with us! Leaving out meat is not so difficult with such delicious vegetarian dishes on the menu.

Vegetarian Sunday

Would you like to celebrate one week without meat as well? Then come and enjoy our special vegetarian menu on Sunday 12 March. On this day, you can try our vegetarian version of the beef wellington, the beet wellington, among other things. How about the chou farci with fenugreek sauce or the quiche with herb salad? Enough options on the menu. Make your reservation here and we will be happy to see you this Sunday!